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Hi, Ujjwal Kumar Sen (B.Tech & M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering ) Teacher, Digital Marketer, because he is always ready to help others may be virtually or directly, the motto behind creating this channel is to help others mechanical engineering topics GATE, PSU, SSC JE, aptitude topics and simply what he experienced he is sharing here. So there are lot of things for you to learn from this Channel. Few achievements of Ujjwal Kumar Sen- 1. He is the student who is belonging from East India and his villagers even don't know how to speak Hindi properly but Ujjwal can speaks more than five languages including Hindi as well as English 2. He got Silver medal in class 10th 3. He is the person who become College topper, got position in the university and also become branch topper consecutively six times after getting five supplies in first year of engineering 4. He wrote an e-book under title Earn Money Online in India and that e-book got 502 paid selling rank on Amazon.in


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